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What if you were a superhero?

What if you had magnet powers?

It sounds great, but your enemies could take advantage of your power to hurt you... Just like Gravity will do in Daggermania.

You find yourself in the ironmonger's, where Gravity is waiting for you with a thousand knives that will fly directly towards your head...

Can you avoid them all and survive enough time to beat Gravity?


The only rule is that you have to run around the ironmonger's and try to avoid all the knives that won't stop appearing.

Use the WASD keys to run.

You can be hit as much as 5 times, but you can gain some health by collecting the 'magnet powers' that will randomly drop in the store.

Install instructions

Download the .rar file named Daggermania from this page and extract the files Daggermania.exe and Daggermania_Data it contains. All you need to do is execute Daggermania.exe and choose 1920x1080 as the resolution before playing. You don't need any other program or engine to play.


Daggermania 29 MB

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